The Border Landscape (Work in progress)


At this point, this page is comprised of an assortment of images which may or may not evolve into a complete and meaningful collection.  My goal (loosely defined at this point) is an exploration of the effects of immigration on the landscape surrounding the US-Mexico border.  I expect these images to change with time, their numbers to rise and fall, the emphasis to shift.  In the meanwhile, this page will serve as a work space for me to view pictures and consider how well they work together.

west of Nogales (hi-contrast)
border wall near Warsaw Canyon
Guadelupe Canyon
with a cross, east of Nogales airport
last day of construction, January 19, 2021
historical border monument, San Rafael Valley
setting a cross
historical border monument
last day of border wall construction, east of Nogales
east of Douglas
placing the rosary
the San Pedro River, at the border
old wall in a pile
setting a cross in Nogales
drag tires in San Rafael Valley
broken cross near Elgin
bringing water
wall construction, Organ Pipe
wall construction near Douglas, January 2020
east of Nogales